Chowhound - Taqueria Los Anaya on West Adams?

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Might be too early to get excited, but I'd heard about a fairly new Mexican restaurant on West Adams. I was looking to grab a meal yesterday and decided to give it a chance. Tacqueria Los Anaya had a fairly standard tacqueria menu, but when I entered the chalkboard looked interesting. Dishes like trout with cucumber sauce, fish filet veracruz, grilled pork chops with apricot/rosemary sauce, penne pasta with chorizo. Prices weren't marked on the blackboard, but I doubted it would be too dear in this neighborhood (West Adams, one block west of Buckingham Road). Since I generally eat in the cheap....uh, inexpensive place but I appreciate good food I went with one of the specials I've eaten at other places. The old standby, chili colorado. The place isn't too big with smallish tables they can put together (if need be) for a bigger group. As I waited dishes they were bringing out looked pretty good. When my dish came out it looked nice. Grilled small chunks of beef with a reddish coating of chili, a fairly generic green salad, and refried beans with chips. They also brought out a packet of homemade corn tortillas. It was quite tasty and to my taste a lot better than any other version of the dish I've had over the years. It was spicier than I expected, but it did taste good. I'll have to go try a few other dishes, but the place (to my mind) is pretty good for not much money.

Details at their facebook page

It sounds like their bread pudding is their dessert pride and joy, but they also had listed (on the board) pastry tres leches, and mango flan. I should add, the guys running the place were real welcoming and their command of english was excellent (if any of you worry about that).