Lucky Peach - A Taco Crawl of Los Angeles

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A mixture of the familiar and unknown.

West Adams isn’t a neighborhood especially known for its tacos but Los Anaya, a bright, friendly restaurant run by the Anaya brothers, is a worthy addition to this taco agglomeration.

On a recent visit, I took down an ambitious (and quite beautiful) plate of five tacos, the best of which was probably the chicken mole ($2), a healthy portion of flavorful meat topped with a slightly sweet, marginally bitter mole sauce. The tortillas at Los Anaya are handmade and thicker than normal, but they are wonderfully moist; none of that dried-out-parchment effect that can sometimes afflict machine-made tortillas. The tender chicken and subtly chocolatey mole is complemented wonderfully by a potent red salsa served on the taco.

Where: 4651 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90016

What to get: Chicken mole, carne asada tacos

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